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The packaging & content your CNC machined knife will come with

I am glad to officially announce the packaging your new Cnc machined knife will come with. I thought a long time about something unique I could offer, something I haven't seen before. I think it's unique and hopefully it adds that extra touch in your eyes. 

The packing consists of 3 pieces.

First is a custom designed and made valet, done by me. It is 3d printed, then laser engraved with my laser. 

Second is a leather slip made by Raymond Bryant. It features my logo, the American Flag and dog paws. 

Third is a thick black anodized aluminum COA card. Think Marfione Custom thick if you have ever had one of those.. It features my logo, Made in America logo and a phrase that is special to me, μολὼν λαβέ, which is Ancient Greek for Molon Labe. On the back is the model, and knife information, date and signature. All done in house by me. 

As of now I have 3 main colors I use and they are done at random. 

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