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Next Ripper Lotto 

TBD- Found a programming error, nothing that affected parts but still needed fixed. Have spent the past 2 days on that so am behind schedule. Probably looking at Monday or Tuesday. 



Black Grunge

Meet The Newest Design From Oden Customs

The Ripper

The first model in a new line of knifes here at Oden Customs. CNC Milled,  hand finished, 100% done in house.  

Made with only the best material. 6-4 Titanium Handles, all titanium hardware with CPM Magnacut blades.   

These will be made in small batches and available mainly in lotto's. There will be a few here and there with dressy materials that will be available via Auction. 

Grey Round Patterns

The Ripper's will be posted here on my website every week or two and will mostly be in lotto format. To get ready for the lotto's, use the sign up form linked below to create an account. There is only a few pieces of info needed and no payment info needed or stored. 

Elegant Abstract Background

Ripper Specs

  • Blade Length: 3.5"

  • Overall Length: 8.6"

  • Behind the Edge: .02"

  • Weight: 5 Ounces

  • Primary Steel: CPM Magnacut

Weight is subjective and is based with titanium handles. Rippers with other handle material may vary in weight. 

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